Dallas Dedicated Driver

Dallas CourierHaving your own drivers presents a lot of challenges such as these:

Managing Absenteeism due to:

  • Sickness
  • No Show
  • Quitting Without Notice
  • Vacation
  • Extended Leave of Absence

Financial exposure brought on by:

  • Increasing Operating Costs: Fuel, Wear and Tear, Vehicle Costs, Insurance, etc
  • Accidents: Exposed to physical damage to vehicle but far more ominous is the exposure to lawsuits.

Loss of flexibility by:

  • Maintaining in-house drivers verses outsourcing drivers to address business fluctuation

Issues addressed above in addition to others places a strain on you and distracts you and your employees from focusing on what you do best. For example, when someone is a no show for whatever reason, you have to send someone out from the office preventing them from doing their assigned duties. How about if business is slow? You are under utilizing your driver which adversely affects productivity.

Eagle Express can remove all of these challenges from your plate, providing you with greater flexibility and most importantly, you can better focus on your core business increasing your ability for greater success.