Eagle Express Indepenent Contractor Opportunities

Independent Contract Couriers Needed

We are looking for experienced, professional independent contractors with SUV's, Vans and Covered Pickup Trucks.


Why should you be an Independent Contract Driver for Eagle Express?

Reason #1: Make right at $700 per week

Eagle Express’ average courier makes $695 per week. As you gain experience, you could make even more.

Reason #2: Lower your taxes

Tax deductions aren’t just for the oil barons and real estate investors. By the time you add up all of the deductions, instead of paying taxes on your $700 of weekly income, you will only be paying taxes on approximately $195 of your weekly income.

How is this possible? The IRS allows you to choose whichever tax deduction is higher between actual expenses versus $0.505 per mile.

Reason #3: More money in your pocket…but…

We know what you are thinking. Sure you can make a lot of money but you’ll end up spending it on gas and wear and tear on your car.

We understand how you feel. A lot of our drivers felt the same way at first. But here is what they found.

Assuming you have a vehicle like a Honda Civic which gets approximately 30 miles per gallon and if fuel averages $3.50 per gallon, your average cost per mile would be just under 12 cents per mile.

A Honda Civic will last at least 200,000 miles without major expenses. Therefore assuming a $20,000 purchase price the average wear and tear on your vehicle will be approximately 10 cents per mile.

Oil should be changed once every 3,000 miles at a cost of around $30 or about one cent per mile.

Insurance is around $20 per week.

So if you are making $700 per week driving 1000 miles per week your out of pocket expenses for fuel, oil and insurance, plus wear and tear on your vehicle, per week are:

  • (12 cents (gas) + 10 cents (wear and tear) + 1 cent (oil)) x 1000 miles equals $230 plus $20 for insurance, or about $250. This will leave you with $450 per week you can put in your pocket or about $13.50 per hour.
  • With the IRS allowing you $0.505 per mile deductions, your taxable income will be about $200…saving you at least $120 per week in taxes.

Reason #4: Stable Work

Eagle Express has been in business for over 33 years and Eagle Express plans serving the courier needs of greater Dallas/Ft. Worth for many years to come. We also have an excellent group of drivers, some having been with us for many years.

Reason #5: More income than other couriers

Eagle Express is not a low end courier company so our average ticket price is higher providing you with a greater opportunity to make more money than with most other courier firms.

Courier companies comparable to us in size generally charge you more money for items such as uniforms, paperwork, and etc. leaving less money in your pocket.

We pay you weekly for deliveries performed the prior week. We do not withhold a week of pay as most of our competitors nor do we pay bi-monthly as some do.

Eagle Express’ dispatchers are seasoned veterans which greatly enhances your ability to generate greater revenue verses most of our competitors.

Reason #6: More time for yourself

We know it may seem illogical that you would have more time for yourself when you are driving around…but when you are driving you are spending most of your time with your own thoughts. When you work in an office you spend a majority of your time thinking and responding to what your boss wants or demands.

You get to listen to your favorite music, catch up with the latest news or turn your car into a university on wheels where you listen to inspirational and educational material on your mp3 player or CD player while you drive. That sounds much better than being cooped up in an office!

Join the team

If you like the above benefits and you have a good sense of direction, give Eagle Express a call. We would love to have you working with us on our team.

So please send your resume to cs@eagleexpress.com or contact us at 214-351-5777.