What's Cooler Than a Texas Refrigerated Delivery? Find Out Here

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Fri, Jun 08, 2018 @ 01:29 PM

Eagle Express, Refrigerated Straight TrucksOh, hey North Texans.


Have you been outside lately? If your answer is no, that’s probably a good thing. If your answer is yes, then you already know what I’m going to say next: It’s hot. Really, really hot.


For some reason, summer decided to come early, and it came in full force! With temps already reaching record setting century marks, our couriers are finding ways to keep cool.


One of those ways is through our refrigerated straight trucks.


Available to customers in sizes of 26 feet and 16 feet, 24 hours a day, our straight trucks are perfect for just about any large delivery- especially one that requires temperature control. Whether your items need to move at ambient temps, frozen, or refrigerated states, our vehicles are equipped to do just that. Or two of the three. Or all three, for that matter, as we’re able to move tri-temp loads.


While those summer temps hit us hard here in DFW, your temperature controlled healthcare, food, and furniture deliveries are sitting perfectly chilled in the temperature of your choice. That’s certainly one way to cool off!


Another way to cool off? Grab yourself an ice cold ice pop. A summertime staple for adults and kids alike, over two billion of these cool sweet treats are sold each year. And we have the mind of an 11-year-old to thank for that. Or, rather, the mistake of an 11-year-old.


Back in 1905, Frank Epperson, age 11, left a cup of homemade soda on his front porch. The concoction, made from powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick, froze, and Frank was tickled, but not inspired. Yet.


Nearly 20 years later, as an adult, Frank patented “frozen ice on a stick”, and in 1923, he began selling these treats at a park near his home in Alameda, calling them Eppsicles. (Get it? Like icicles!) Only, Frank’s children lovingly referred to them as Pop’s ‘sicles. Later that same year, Frank changed the name to Popsicles, and it stuck.


Since then, Americans enjoyed the sweet summer treat in all different varieties. During the Great Depression, the Popsicles were sold in twin packs, so that kiddos could split the treat between two, while still paying the same price. (Because, let’s face it, nobody likes to share the same popsicle with someone else! Gross.) Though, this set up was finally retired in 1986, as mothers deemed it too messy for their kiddos.


While we aren’t sure of Frank Epperson’s original flavors, we do know the company began selling their treats in the flavors of cherry, lemon, root beer, orange, banana, grape, and watermelon. The favorite, though, across all of America has always been, and still is, cherry.


That sticky truth to one of America’s favorite treats just goes to show you that sometimes the mistakes we make in life can be happy. What’s not a mistake, though, is getting in touch with our Dallas refrigerated delivery team.


As the weather heats up, some of the items that you previously left without temperature regulation will start to need a little assistance to ensure they remain potent, effective, or operational. Items like electronics, cosmetics, and dry goods might now require ambient temperature regulation in order to ensure they arrive in good shape to your customers.


If you’re in need of a DFW refrigerated delivery truck, or even if you’re just not sure if you’re in need of one, go ahead and give our Eagle Express team a call. We’ll help you come up with a unique plan of action for your products, and then we’ll take care of the rest. No sitting in rush hour traffic with the AC blasting for you! No racing around town in your businesswear sweating it out making your own deliveries. Just peace of mind and assurance that your items get to where they need to go on time, every time.


Stay cool this summer, North Texas! And let Eagle Express help.