Who Will You Celebrate on National Super Hero Day?

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Sat, Apr 07, 2018 @ 08:53 PM

Eagle Express, Super Rush Courier in DallasThe Man of Steel. The Incredible Hulk. Ironman. Batman. Wonder Woman.


Who is your favorite super hero?


On April 28th, you’ll get to let your inner hero shine, because it’s National Super Hero Day. This day has been celebrated annually since 1995, when Marvel Comics employees designated a day on the calendar for celebrating heroes both fictional and real.


What? Have you been missing out on this annual celebration? Don’t worry, there’s no better time than now to feel super.


Speaking of super, our DFW super rush courier service knows a thing or two about being totally awesome. Want to know some of our super powers when it comes to your transportation and delivery needs? Just read on.


Super speed-  You know what’s super awesome? Having a delivery that has to go out on Friday before a holiday, at 4:45 in the afternoon when your quitting time is 5 PM. Wait. That’s not super. Unless, of course, you’re one of our super rush couriers in Dallas. They’re available 24/7 to move your items in as little as 45 minutes. That’s super!


Mind reading- Actually, we won’t have to read your mind in order to know exactly where you need us to be and when you need us to be there. When you take just a few minutes to set up a scheduled route delivery, your items are as good as delivered from that point on. No hassle. No worries. We’ll move those scheduled deliveries on time every time until you tell us otherwise.


High tech gear- Super heroes always have really cool tech. Ironman has his flying suits. Batman has rad vehicles. Our couriers have them both. And more. We have sharp polo and khaki “suits”, a variety of fleet capable of moving everything temperature controlled items to pallets of furniture, and the latest and greatest GPS for you to track our every move.


Leaping across state lines in a single bound- Ok, so maybe we’re not actually leaping. But we are moving your long distance critical items in one single bound- meaning, we aren’t handing your cargo off to anyone. When you hire Eagle Express, we handle your items from start to finish.


Super strength- What good is a hero if he or she isn’t super strong? Our qualified team members are able to move all your large cargo, with the help of a lift equipped truck, of course. Don’t forget, as we learn with all super hero teams, there’s strength in numbers. At Eagle Express, we seek out only the most qualified, most equipped super rush courier Dallas team members. From our office staff, available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to our drivers, friendly and always professional, the Eagle Express team is strong because each of our players brings their own special power to the table. When it comes to your Dallas super rush deliveries, we all work under the same mission: On time, every time!


National Super Hero Day is coming up soon- on April 28th. While you could go traditional and wear your favorite mask or cape that day, or contact our super rush couriers in Dallas to handle your last minute deliveries, you could also take a minute to honor some real life heroes in your community.


Give a high five to a military member or a first responder, such as a fire fighter, doctor, or police officer. Say thanks to some of the true heroes in your hometown on National Super Hero Day, since these are the guys and gals who are out there really protecting your community from the forces of evil.