In the Cutthroat World of Dallas STAT Deliveries, Culture Counts

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Wed, May 02, 2018 @ 09:20 PM

Eagle Express, Dallas STAT DeliveriesHere in Dallas, there is no shortage of delivery drivers. You have folks who can deliver your dinner at the drop of a hat. There are people who make a living out of taking your precious cargo to its desired location with the push of a button on an app. Then there are folks like our Eagle Express team, who have been moving Dallas STAT deliveries for over three decades.


You have a lot of choices when a need for a DFW hot shot delivery arises. And, to be honest, there are more than a few organizations who offer exactly the same services- from healthcare deliveries to refrigerated goods to large, oversized truckloads.


So how can you tell which company to go with? How do you know who to trust with your time sensitive and important items? What differentiates one STAT deliveries DFW courier from another?


The answer is culture.


See, it’s tough to spot the differences in multiple organizations when you’re just looking at a menu of services. You might need to take your inspection just one step further. What type of a culture does that company keep?


While we can’t speak for the other STAT courier service Dallas folks consider, we can fill you in on our Eagle Express principles for business. We think you’ll find that the way we conduct business will make you feel good about utilizing our services for all of your transportation and logistics needs.


  • On Time, Every Time- Our mission here at Eagle Express is to serve you well, each and every time you use our company. No matter what type of service you use- hot shot, scheduled, or out of town- our goal is to make that delivery on time, every time. Whether you’re a one-and-done customer or a frequent user of our services, we’ll treat you like family and aim to complete your delivery with the same level of excellence.
  • Integrity and Honesty- We can say all those nice things in the bullet above this one, but what good is it if we don’t mean it? Good thing for you, we do. Our leadership is committed to integrity and honesty with every facet of our business. From providing a quote, to handling items, to being the first to admit when something doesn’t go right, our team of experts is committed to winning over customers through complete transparency.
  • People Centered- The Eagle Express family is large and growing! Because we consider our employees and customers like family, we want to treat them well. When you care about the people you serve, including your own employees, it shows in your service.
  • Technology- This one might seem odd. Why does a courier have to commit to staying ahead of the technological curve? If we want to stay current and provide the best service to our customers, it means being available for web chat, providing delivery tracking via a smart phone app, and offering online order capability.
  • Quality of Service- We aren’t concerned with how many customers we’re serving, we’re concerned with how well we’re providing those services. We won’t skimp on maintenance or overload routes just to increase the numbers. We also won’t advertise the cheapest service around, because we know quality comes at a cost. You can be sure that when you hire Eagle Express for your T&L needs that you’re getting unmatched superiority of service.


That’s not all, folks! If you’re interested in learning more about our company’s culture, or if you have specific questions about the transportation and logistics services we provide, feel free to contact us today! We’re available via a variety of communication methods 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Here at Eagle Express, we’re committed to a culture of serving well!