If You Find it Tough to Catch Sleep in Summer, Read This

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Tue, Jul 03, 2018 @ 10:11 PM

Eagle Express, 247 Dallas CourierHands down, one of the best things about summer is that the days are long. After work, the sun is still up, there’s time for an evening bike ride or a sunny swim. The patio is the perfect place to enjoy the backdrop of a summer sunset.


Those long days are fabulous! Unless, of course, you’re someone who has to sleep during all that sunshine. Say, a shift worker, a 24/7 Dallas courier service employee, or even a parent to small children. Then, those long summer days are interminable, and make for a tough atmosphere for catching some zzz’s.


It’s not just the fear that you’re missing out on those sunny evenings. Scientists have proven that darkness is an essential element to a great night’s sleep. Sleeping in light for just one night can increase insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Sleep disturbances can also increase your risk for heart disease, stroke, and obesity.


So if you’re not going to get the darkness that you need during these long summer days, but you know that lack of sleep can seriously damage your health, what can you do? Take a note from our experts. When you’re making DFW 24 hour deliveries day in and day out, eventually you learn how to sleep when you’re given the opportunity.


If you have trouble getting the right amount of sleep during these bright Texas summer evenings, try a few of these tips:


  • Keep it bright when you’re awake- Since you might not be sleeping when it’s dark, get all that light while you’re awake. This reminds your body that this is “awake” time, so you can make a distinction between daytime and nighttime, even if the sun doesn’t do this for you.
  • Kick the caffeine- One cup in the morning seems to be ok, but any more than that, or any later than that, and you’re risking affecting your ability to sleep once your shift is over.
  • Stick to your regularly scheduled programming- If your body is programmed to sleep and wake at certain times, stick to that schedule, even on days off.
  • Invest in some blackout curtains- Remember how we said that light can really affect your rest? As our 24 hour delivery service team knows, one of the most important aspects of getting rest is removing the light. Which is tough to do when it’s bright outside! Blackout curtains can do the trick, though, and keep some of that light out, promoting better sleep.
  • Give up- No, really. If it’s been 30 minutes, and you haven’t fallen asleep, get up and do something else for 20 minutes. Then go back and try again.
  • Let your friends and family know your schedule- Make sure your people know not to call you when you’re trying to rest. You need to keep up your social life, but not at the expense of your rest.
  • Keep your meal times- Even if you are eating dinner at breakfast time and vice versa, try to keep your meals evenly spaced. Meals give your body cues about when to rest and when to be awake.
  • Avoid mobile devices and television- If you think reading on your tablet or watching a movie will help you get to sleep, you’re wrong. Instead, help your body relax by taking a warm shower, reading an actual book, or doing some light yoga.


Put these tips to use and see how easy it can be to count some sheep, saw some logs, and catch some zzz’s!


After all, these professional tips are brought to you by the professional 24/7 Dallas courier service of Eagle Express.