How to Solve Your Issues with Refrigerated Logistics in Dallas

Kayla Palesky About The Author

Thu, Apr 12, 2018 @ 02:29 PM

Eagle Express, Refrigerated Logistics in DallasYou probably already know that when it comes to refrigerated logistics in Dallas, you have several options. What you may not know is that only some of those options can solve your refrigerated logistics issues. If you work with the right company, life gets a lot easier. When you work with the wrong one, life can get messy. Like, thawed bacon messy.


No one wants that.


Recognizing that some companies are better than others doesn’t help you know which companies can actually solve those issues, though. Today we’ll take a look at just that, so whip out that notepad and pay attention. (Laptops and palm pilots also work. Does anyone use palm pilots anymore? Well, if so, take it on out.)


Here are the steps to take to solve your refrigerated logistics issues today.


Work with the Right Company


Let’s face it.  It’s hard to get your products from their starting point to their final destination in the same shape in which they left. So much can go wrong with transport, especially when you work with an under-qualified or poorly dedicated company. And make no mistake, that describes an unfortunate number of courier services out in the world. It’s time to solve this issues with your Dallas refrigerated deliveries by working with a real, live, awesome courier company, so make sure you vet your options well.


Get a Customized Service Plan


Every company has different needs. If you routinely deliver large orders of frozen beef to grocery stores outside of town, your service plan will look a certain way. On the other hand, if you deliver farm-fresh carrots and beets to restaurants in town, you’ll need a different approach entirely. Your game plan will depend on:


  • The product you sell
  • Whether it is fresh or frozen
  • The melting points of frozen foods
  • The wilting points of fresh foods
  • What the FDA says about food storage
  • How long your goods must stay in storage before transport
  • How far the goods are traveling


Your Dallas refrigerated delivery service should recognize all these different factors and help you make the smart choices. And if they try to offer you a one-size-fits-all approach? Remind them that this doesn’t work for reindeer sweaters, and it certainly won’t work for precious cargo.


Find Out How Much Product Your Company Can Ship


Efficiency depends on preparation. If your logistics company can pick up and deliver a load, no matter how huge or little, you’re in good shape. You need a company that can provide a little space in a van if all you need is to send one delicate box of medical supplies. On the other hand, when you have two truckloads of meat to deliver, you need a company with a big enough fleet to manage it. Similarly, your warehouse must be able to store as much or as little product as you have on hand.


Also, Find Out about Flexibility


Flexibility is key. Sometimes you have big orders and sometimes small. Sometimes those orders change short notice, or simply aren’t there one week. You need assistance that can shift with your changing needs. If your courier company tries to pin down your order instead of taking their cue from you, that might cause trouble.


Ask them: Is knowing an order size ahead of time the only way you can deliver it? What if I have a rush order or one that is smaller than usual? They should offer flexibility in their logistics plans, or they probably aren’t the right company for you.


Work with a DFW Refrigerated Courier Who Actually Cares about You


The best way to find refrigerated logistics help is to work with a company that has a strong history in the business. We have a suggestion: Eagle Express. With three decades in the industry, we have the knowledge and dedication to ensure your satisfaction.


At the end of the day, when you’re looking for refrigerated logistics, Dallas has many options from which to choose. That doesn’t mean, however, that every option is a good option. Refrigerated transport is a crucial part of your business. That means careful vetting is a crucial part of your choice. Give us a call at 214.351.5777, or email us to find out more.