Deliveries: Our Passion    Peace of Mind: Our Promise


Our Mission Statement:

Eagle Express is committed to being the premier logistics firm staffed by exceptional individuals utilizing the latest in technology which assures innovative and competitive delivery solutions to a wide range of businesses.


Our Values: CARE

Coach all team members and independent contractors.

  • Clearly set expectations and rewards
  • Provide tools and training for employees to promote excellence
  • Offer continued education for independent contractors to promote excellence
  • Find the right people for the right job
  • Provide constructive feedback on performance

Anticipate & analyze how best to serve customers.

  • Always be innovating, improving and never accepting of the status quo
  • Listen to each individual customer’s unique needs
  • Serve customers passionately and whole-heartedly

Represent Jesus Christ.

  • Actions should reflect a commitment to integrity and honesty
  • Do the right thing no matter what
  • Be personally responsible

Envision success.

  • Steward our resources wisely
  • Set goals and aspire to achieve them
  • Improve service and improve profits


Our Battle Cry: On-time, every time, all of the time”

Goal: Serve, help, and care for our customers and our team members by always doing the right thing.


“Do you see a man or woman diligent in their business? They will stand before kings.

They will not stand before unknown persons.” Solomon