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In DFW it Pays to Think BIG With Our Hot Shot Delivery Dallas Team

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Sat, Oct 07, 2017 @ 06:13 AM

Eagle Express, Hot Shot Delivery DallasWe’re in Texas, y’all.


Which means everything is bigger.


Including your deliveries.


As couriers, and the number one hot shot courier service in Dallas, at that, sometimes we get packaged into a small box. (All the puns intended.) Folks tend to think “courier” and equate that with small parcels, envelopes, or fast moving delivery vans.


Sure, we do that.


But we also do things on a larger scale. We have refrigerated delivery vans and available drivers to handle your hot shot delivery Dallas time and temperature sensitive goods, but we also have the means to move much larger items.


Our fleet includes trucks that range from 16 to 53 feet, vans, and everything in between.


Not to mention, our 16 and 26-foot straight trucks are equipped with lifts to make your large and heavy moves a cinch. With the ability to hold pallets, machinery, and freight, our straight trucks are available to our customers 24/7, ready to move quickly within DFW or expeditiously outside the city or beyond the state of Texas.


But, as we mentioned before, sometimes things just don’t fit inside the box. Literally. That’s when a flatbed or gooseneck trailer can come in handy. If only we had a few of those…oh wait. We do.


With options including 53, 48, and 24-foot flatbeds, as well as 40 and 30-foot gooseneck trailers, even your biggest items have the perfect method of transportation here at Eagle Express. Your items also have the perfect courier.


Our team of delivery experts is trained and certified to handle your most sensitive deliveries. We stay up to date on HIPAA, OSHA, and HazMat certifications, and our unformed and professional drivers come complete with certifications and licenses in driving large commercial vehicles, transporting alcohol, and many other specialized services.


When your idea of thinking big includes a large number of miles as well as a large load, our Dallas hot shot couriers can handle that, as well. Critical distant deliveries that need to move quickly are one of our specialties. Our hot shot couriers in Dallas aren’t limited to moving with gusto inside the Metroplex; we know that sometimes important deliveries need to go to places far away. Whether they’re documents, temperature controlled items, or medical specimens, our hot shot couriers are on it- day or night.


If you’re thinking “big” in terms of a long-term plan for your deliveries, then scheduling route deliveries in advance can be a life saver. While our hot shot couriers thrive on those last minute, urgent deliveries, it’s also nice to have the routine, scheduled pick-ups and deliveries on the books. You know, so you can move on to bigger and better things in your company.


When you’re ready to set up a long term, frequent delivery plan, our Eagle Express scheduled route couriers can make it easy for you. One phone call and a few pieces of information- like the frequency of deliveries, number of stops, time period for pick-ups and deliveries, and any other special handling instructions- and your big delivery plans all of a sudden just became easier. With one small call, you can rest assured that your big task of frequent deliveries is taken care of with an on-time guarantee.


Just because something is big doesn’t mean it has to be tough to handle. Whether you have physically large or heavy items, a high mile move, or the big task of setting up daily delivery routes, our hot shot delivery Dallas team can take the reigns and return to you peace of mind.


To find out how you can turn your big delivery tasks into check marks on your To Do list, contact our Eagle Express team. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to make your last minute, same day, or scheduled deliveries.