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Don’t Move a Muscle- Call a Dallas Straight Truck Service

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Tue, Sep 12, 2017 @ 02:07 PM

Eagle Express, Dallas Straight Truck ServiceThe big moves are always the most difficult ones. Securing transport for heavy items, numerous pallets, or large objects can be stressful and time consuming. Not to mention- expensive and dangerous! Thankfully, there are professionals who can handle this task for you.


Whether you’re working in the food industry, and require transport for food going out to your distributors, or you work in the medical field, and need assistance moving large pieces of lab equipment, it can be overwhelming attempting to find the right way to transport oversized items.  


As you search for the right transportation, consider this: it doesn’t make sense to trust just anyone with your heavy or large deliveries. And it certainly isn’t safe to do it on your own!


What does make sense is hiring a Dallas straight truck service to make those heavy moves for you. Hire the big guns! Here’s why you should always contact a professional to transport your larger than life deliveries:


  • Licensed and insured: Couriers like those from our Eagle Express team making your straight truck deliveries in Dallas are both licensed and insured. That means if your stuff is stolen, if your items are broken, or if your courier is injured, you’re not at fault. You can’t say the same for a buddy helping you move, or even some of the day labor services. It’s safest and most secure to hire a professional when you need large items moved.


  • Proper fleet and tools: When the need arises for a unique delivery- like one that is too large to fit in a truck, or one that requires extra care while handling- a professional courier service will have the necessary tools to make these moves. The right courier will have a variety of fleet available at their disposal, including large straight trucks, flatbed trucks, lifts, and even refrigerated vehicles. Our Dallas straight truck delivery fleet are properly maintained so they’re ready to go when your deliveries are.


  • Anytime, anywhere: The best part about Dallas straight truck couriers is that you have a professional available to you at any time of day or night. That means, if you have to move something in the middle of the night on a weekend, our hot shot trucking Dallas team is at your disposal. Not only that, your large deliveries can go anywhere within the state of Texas, or beyond. Our long-distance couriers are equipped to move your size challenged stuff, no matter where it needs to go.


  • One time or scheduled deliveries: Whether your larger than life delivery requires our Dallas straight truck couriers just once, or once a day, Eagle Express has you covered. We treat every customer like they’re part of the family. You’ll enjoy the same great customer service as a one-time customer as you would as a repeat, scheduled route customer. Our goal is to serve you well, move your items on time, and deliver peace of mind, every time.


When a need arises for transportation for a large item, or a number of large items, remember what our Dallas straight truck couriers have shown you here, and leave the big moves to the experts.


Reduce your liability, improve your chances of safe and secure delivery, and rest assured knowing the uniformed, professional couriers of Eagle Express are on the job. With a variety of fleet availbale to you day or night, our couriers can handle all the heavy lifting. So don't lift a finger! Other than to grab your phone and contact our Eagle Express couriers today.