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Tips To Make Your Next Tailgate a Touchdown

Posted by Kayla Palesky on Mon, Oct 02, 2017 @ 12:28 PM

Eagle Express, Dallas STAT CourierHere in North Texas, there really are only two seasons:


Football season


And offseason


Thank goodness, we’re in the former! That’s right, our Cowboys are already at ‘em, reminding us that sometimes it’s good to be a fan of America’s favorite team, and other times, well, you know.


No matter what, though, one thing we’re known for here in Texas, even if it’s not winning the game, it’s having a pretty awesome tailgate. This football season, if you’re not quite sure you’ll be in the winning side of the game, at least throw a winning tailgate with these tips from our Dallas STAT courier team.


  • Prep beforehand: Make and prep as much as you can before you head to the lot. That way you can enjoy your tailgate without having to spend so much time behind the grill.
  • Pick the perfect location: You want a spot that’s close to the stadium, but not so far inside that you’ll have a nightmare of a time leaving post-game.
  • Stay hydrated: We don’t have to tell you that it’s still hot out there! Freeze water bottles beforehand and use them to keep the temps down in your cooler. Then let them defrost a bit for ice cold water throughout the game.
  • Practice BBQ safety: In case you missed our summer safety series, you’ll want to catch up on your grill safety here.
  • Organize your condiments: Use a cardboard six pack bottle holder to keep your ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and other condiments easily transported and organized in one place.
  • Get a grilling tool box: Find yourself an old tool box and fill it with your tailgate grilling essentials: tongs, skewers, matches, anything that you might need while throwing your party.
  • Stand out: Tie a bouquet of balloons, or just one distinctive one from your truck so your friends can find you in the parking lot.
  • Keep clean: Set up a hand wash station with sanitizer, soap, and an empty laundry detergent container with water.
  • Bring cover: In the hot Texas sun, you’ll definitely want to provide your guests with a canopy to shield them from the sun.
  • Spread the love: Don’t be the only one prepping and cooking at the tailgate. Make it potluck and have everyone bring their favorite football food dish.
  • Bring games: Corn hole, lawn darts, giant Jenga. These can all keep you busy until kick off.
  • Make the time: Expert tailgaters suggest leaving three hours before the game for prep and fun, and then adding two hours post-game for clean up. Whew! Tailgating is a commitment! There’s nothing Dallas STAT about that!
  • Study up: Before heading out to tailgate, make sure you know the rules of the location. Some won’t allow grills, others do as long as you clean up. Knowing before you go can save you hassle and disappointment.
  • Keep it classy: You can get rowdy, but stay classy, folks. Drink responsibly, clean up after yourselves, and remember- it’s just a game! (Yes, even in Texas.)


Our STAT courier service Dallas team knows that in Texas, football is important. (Is that an understatement?) Another thing that’s important? Your time sensitive deliveries. No matter what time of day or night no matter who is playing on the field, our Eagle Express team is standing by, ready to move your urgent deliveries across the state of Texas and beyond.


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