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Before You Plan Your Summer Vacay, You’ll Want To Read This

Posted by Aynsley Kindig on Wed, May 17, 2017 @ 02:15 PM

Jason Kindig, Dallas PhotographerIf you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you know that air travel is getting a little cray cray. From passengers being dragged, to overbooked flights, to the untimely demise of one famous rabbit, flying through the skies is risky business.

Of course, one of the best ways to avoid potential disaster is to just let our Dallas long distance couriers handle your distant deliveries, but since we’re not in the business of transporting people, as you begin to plan and head out on your summer vacations, it might take some extra focus.

Especially if you’re planning on going outside the country.

On May 1st, the US Department of State issued a travel warning for US citizens looking to travel to Europe. In the memo, the Department of State warns US citizens of the increased possibility for a terrorist attack.

It states that ISIS and other affiliates have shown their abilities to carry out attacks on European countries such as Sweden, France, Russia, and the UK, and it urges US citizens to exercise great vigilance if they decide to travel overseas.

One thing that this memo is NOT is a ban to travel.

US citizens are still free to travel to European countries, without a visa…for now.

Back in March, the European Parliament voted to end visa-free travel for US citizens. At this point, Americans can travel to Europe using only their valid passports, but it appears this might be changing. While the Parliament approved the vote, the European Commission has not yet come up with a delegated act for securing the new law. Once it does, the European Union and the European Parliament will have the opportunity to object to the act.

Meaning, for now, your travel can occur without acquiring a visa.

But if you do decide to take a page from our expedited delivery Dallas couriers and get WAY outta town this summer, you’ll want to consider a few things in light of the recent status of the world and the recommendations of our US government:

  • Be prepared for extra security and additional screenings. This means you’ll want to plan some extra time to get through the airport. Passport checks, bag screenings, security, and baggage screening might take longer than usual. Manage your expectations. Be patient. And realize this is all for your own safety.
  • Monitor the news. Be on watch for things that are happening at your point of destination before you get there. Know whether you’ll face large crowds or protest events- things that could provide cover for an attack. Keep your eyes open and avoid potential threats.
  • Listen to local authorities. Respect for local authorities is a must when travelling outside of the country. In a day and age where suspicions are high, keep a low profile by complying with what the authorities are telling you, especially during a high stress situation.
  • Have an emergency plan of action. Nobody likes to think of the negatives when you’re planning the vacation of a lifetime, but it’s necessary. Bring your family together and decide on a safe meeting point. Make sure everyone has a way to contact each other, including family back home who might be concerned about your well-being should an emergency arise.

Our expedited trucking DFW couriers have a great appreciation for faraway places and distant locations. We’re on call, day or night, ready to move your long-distance cargo quickly and safely- which is exactly how we want you to move if you decide to head outside the country this summer.

Don’t be afraid to experience the world, just make sure you’re staying smart and remaining vigilant while you do it! Happy travels from your Dallas out of town courier service!