Critical Distant Deliveries

Dallas Out of town deliveriesEagle Express’ Critical Distant Deliveries Service is designed for handling a very important delivery going to or from points outside of Dallas/Fort Worth. Whether the delivery is time sensitive, an emergency, confidential, valuable or all of the above, it needs to be in safe, trusted hands. The need for Critical Distant Deliveries crosses all industries and all types of commodities.

Pharmaceuticals requiring refrigeration, critical documents, healthcare equipment, critical parts, emergency supplies, specimens; these and many others may need to be delivered from San Antonio to Dallas, Dallas to Houston, Houston to Austin, Dallas to Memphis, Tulsa to Dallas. Whatever the locations, Eagle Express is your one stop shop for important delivery needs. Our D.O.T. authority allows us to deliver to all 48 contiguous States.

When Eagle Express receives an order, we will send the appropriate type of vehicle at the requested time that is for your exclusive use. We will then carefully pick up the piece/s and proceed to the destination/s. You can track the delivery on-line or request periodic phone calls to receive the up-to-date status of your delivery.

We provide these services 24/7, 365 days a year. So, when you have an important delivery coming to or from Dallas/Fort Worth, call Eagle Express at 214-351-5777 or book your order on-line and leave the rest to us. 

Why Choose Eagle Express

Direct Deliveries leaving or coming to Dallas/Ft. Worth:

Have a delivery going to Austin, Houston, San Antonio or somewhere else across Texas or beyond? We’ve got you covered. What if it is more than a small package? No worries, we can handle just about any size delivery!

Types of vehicles:

We offer cars, pick-up trucks (covered and non-covered), vans, straight trucks and flat beds. So whatever vehicle your product requires, we are ready and able.


Distant deliveries across Texas and beyond are one of our specialties. Not only do we know the ins and outs of DFW, but we are knowledgeable about cities throughout Texas as well as beyond.


Track your distant delivery from start to finish from the ease of your office, home or vacation spot.

Eagle Express is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.