Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose your courier company?

That is the million dollar question. We could give you many reasons that include Eagle Express’ impressive 98% on-time record, Eagle Express’ 33 plus years in business, Eagle Express’ professionalism, Eagle Express’ integrity and Eagle Express’ technology to name a few. But the overriding answer is that Eagle Express’ cares about you and your courier needs. We seek to help you by developing a delivery program designed to meet your specific needs using our 33 plus years of courier expertise. If you have any questions feel free to contact us 24x7.

What geographic area do you service?

Eagle Express’ primary pick up and delivery locations are the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. However, if you have needs that extend beyond the metroplex such as an urgent delivery going to say Houston or Austin, we are ready and able to accommodate you with our Critical Distant Delivery service. Feel free to call us 24x7 for a quote.

How much do you charge for same-day deliveries?

Our pricing system is in line with our philosophy of meeting your delivery needs at a fair price. Hence, we blend together the two critical factors that impact cost: Distance and Time. The rate charged for each and every delivery is unique using these two factors, ensuring that you only pay for what you receive.

A professional image is critical in our line of business. What can I anticipate when one of your couriers shows up at our office to pick up a package?

Each independent contractor is a professional and neatly attired. Our standard uniform is an Eagle Express logo embroidered dark blue shirt with khaki pants.

Are you available to perform deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes! You can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we pick-up and deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I call Eagle Express today for a delivery tomorrow?

Yes, you can call today to schedule a pickup and delivery for tomorrow or for any time in the future. Our dispatch system will notify our dispatchers of any future deliveries at the appropriate time to ensure completion of the delivery on the date and within the time frame you requested. Feel free to call us 24x7 for a quote.

Can I request a package be delivered at a specific time and/or to a particular person?

Yes. Eagle Express’ overriding goal is to perform all of your deliveries to your specification. Eagle Express’ couriers are trained to follow instructions and never to make unilateral decisions without first consulting with dispatch who in turn confers with you.

What is your policy if we instruct you to deliver a package to a specific person and the person is away from the location when the courier arrives?

Whenever a delivery runs into problems of any sort the courier is instructed to contact dispatch. In this case, the courier would inform dispatch that the person is not available to receive the package. Dispatch would contact you for further instructions and they in turn would pass your instructions on to the courier who would execute your wishes.

Feel free to call us 24x7 for a quote.

Do you deliver outside the metroplex?

Absolutely. Please feel free to use our Critical Distant Delviery service. As we stated above, should you have delivery needs outside of the metroplex we would seek to meet them if at all possible. For example we pick up on a regular basis samples from Tyler for delivery to Arlington.

Call for price quote 800-608-7410 or 214-351-5777.

Can you offer e-mail notifications regarding the progress of our deliveries?

At your request, we can have our dispatch system notify you of the progress of all, some or even one of your deliveries. The system can notify you of any of the following events as per your request:

  • When order is placed
  • When package is picked up
  • When package has been delivered and who signed for it
  • All of the above

Can I view my invoice on-line?

Yes. You can log in to your account and click the Accounting Tab and you will have several options from which to choose. You can even have your invoice emailed to you and there are also valuable management reports to help you control and evaluate your delivery costs.

Can I sort my invoice by reference number?

Yes. Eagle Express understands that you may pass through your delivery charges to your clients or you may charge different cost centers within your organization. To enable you to do these with minimal effort Eagle Express’ invoice can sub-total delivery charges by client or cost center.

Do you offer warehousing and distribution services?

Yes. Eagle Express can warehouse goods and documents. If you do not have a presence in Dallas/Ft. Worth and yet desire to service customers in this fast growing market, we can receive your products and distribute them throughout the metroplex. We can also pick-up boxes of documents, store them, and retrieve them at your beckon call.

Do you have box trucks or bob tail trucks to handle large items or large quantities of boxes?

Yes. Eagle Express can handle items ranging in size from an envelope to multiple pallets (skids) on an expedited or all day service.

Can Eagle Express deliver alcoholic beverages?

Yes. Eagle Express has an alcoholic beverage carrier's permit so we can handle your deliveries. Our carrier permit number is C 463520. Please feel free to view Eagle Express' extensive list of products we deliver.


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