TSA / Indirect Air Carrier Certified

Dallas Air Cargo Deliveries

Eagle Express is certified by the Transportation Security Administration as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC). As a result Eagle Express can handle air freight leaving DFW going to destinations in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. We successfully meet the compliance requirements of the TSA's Indirect Air Carrier Management System and Known Shipper's Program.

Eagle Express is required to have a pre-existing relationship with a shipper prior to accepting or shipping their cargo through TSA’s Known Shipper Management System which is an automated system which verifies the validity and integrity of shippers. Eagle Express complies with 49 CFR 1548.17 regulation which states that “in order for cargo to be loaded on an airplane, each indirect air carrier must have and carry out a known shipper program” as part of their security program.

Eagle Express complies with the Known Shipper Program by performing the following:

  • Verifying a shipper’s validity
  • Separating known shipper cargo from unknown shipper cargo
  • Supplying the TSA, when requested, information identifying that carrier’s security program
  • Making adjustments to our security program as required by law

Eagle Express’ strictly adheres to the TSA’s Indirect Air Carrier regulations and thus is a trusted partner with those who require this type of service. If you require this level of service, please contact Eagle Express for rates going to locations throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.